23rd of March 2010

5:04 p.m.

I have been to Disney World three times in my life. Tomorrow will start the fourth.

We planned this Spring Break trip spur of the moment, like we did our last trip, but I think it will be our best yet (and not just because my boyfriend will be accompanying us). We are going to be there a week - Wednesday to Wednesday - and in that time we plan to hit all the Disney Parks as well as Universal Studios to try and see the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter , but we still have no word on whether it will be open or not. They just keep saying “Open Spring 2010.” What does that mean? Spring started March 20th but whatever…

In any case we are very excited and I am planning like crazy to try to fit everything in. We love Disney so much and we have a great trip every time we go. I promise to tell you all about it when we get back, and try to blog while we are there too.

For those of you who love Disney too, but will not be joining us I have a little information that you might enjoy.

Disney offers college students the chance to spend a paid semester at Disney through the Disney College Program. You live and work on Disney property, and no you don’t have to be a character. Disney actually offers internships in fields that would help almost any major. You can intern anywhere from their Public Relations department, to the kitchens, to working with the marine and animal life in Epcot and Animal Kingdom. And ya if you want you can apply to be a character.

It sounds like a really fun way to spend a semester. I am thinking about doing it next summer.



22nd of March 2010

11:11 p.m.

I got bangs today. Some nice ones. I’m in a good mood so we’re gonna talk about some awesome stuff (not that teen marriage isn’t awesome). But less controversial. Money.

Here are some fantastically easy ways to get cash before you graduate.

1. Upromise.com

If you don’t have an account on this site you are going to kick yourself upon reading this (you’re then going to kick your mom when I tell you it’s been around since 2001). I have no idea why I didn’t know about this before but I estimate I could be at least $1,000 richer had I signed up for it back then. Upromise is a site that partners with a whole bunch of companies that we use everyday like iTunes, McDonald’s, Walgreens, and Best Buy and gets them to contribute to your “college savings fund.” Essentially, they give you you’re money back on purchases you make with them. The amount you get back varies based on the company (iTunes gives you 2%, McDonald’s give you 5%) but the point is you’re getting money. They do this by tracking the credit card, grocery store, and drugstore card numbers you give them. You can then put the money towards a loan, into an account, give it to someone else, or just ask for a check. Please, go look at it. You are just losing money if you don’t.

2. Scholarship Points.com

I spend a good deal of my time looking for scholarships online so I am pretty familiar with all the normal scholarship sites like FastWeb and moolahSPOT. I can tell you that this site is nothing like that. It is the home to the coolest and fairest scholarship I have ever seen. Every month Scholarship Points gives out $1,000 to whoever wins their lottery and every few months they give out $10,000. The way you win is by collecting “codes” around the website and it’s sister sites. You redeem these codes for… Scholarship Points. Every point counts as an entry into what ever contest you want. The more entries you have in a drawing the more likely you are to win. When you win they send the check directly to your college. And you decide whether you want to go for the $1,000 or try for the $10,000. I guess you could hoard points for years if you really wanted. I just joined last week and I currently have 6,475 points. Looking for codes becomes a compulsion okay…



21st of March 2010

5:43 p.m.

Let’s start with something that has been bothering me lately. Marriage.

To be completely clear, it has never bugged me before, just recently. This is because in the past month I have learned of four weddings (via Facebook stalking) involving people my own age.

I know what you’re thinking. Big deal. She’s just getting to that time in her life when all of her peers are getting married. And you’re right. Inevitably we all get to that time, don’t we? The thing is, I’m nineteen. I didn’t think it would be happening this soon…

And we’re talking real weddings here. Not elopements or Vegas stuff. Dresses and flowers and family.

I’m all for marriage. Honestly, ask any of my friends. I talk about my own wedding all the time. Except that wedding isn’t postmarked till at least three years after graduation. I don’t want to get married any time soon, so I am having a hard time understanding why anyone else this side of a Bachelor’s would. And of course I can’t ask these newlyweds… truth is I don’t even really know them that well (you know Facebook stalking and all). So I am just left to wonder. Why get married this soon?

I’m trying to put myself in their shoes. And I think I’m pretty close.

I have a guy. And we have a one and half year old relationship on our hands. I love him to pieces. But we don’t want to get married right now.

So I don’t think my problem with this is that you should be single in college. I just think you shouldn’t be married in college.

Why the rush? It can’t just be love. Love doesn’t make you have to get married this minute.

Sex maybe? Of the premarital kind? If that bugs you I guess college is the perfect time for marriage.

I don’t know. So I don’t want to judge. That’s not what I’m trying to do. Really I just want to get why.

And the thing is I remember always thinking this was a weird idea. As a nine-year-old watching my favorite TGIF couple wed in college I thought “Why don’t they wait?” Of course this choice probably had more to do with giving us nuptials before the series ended, than promoting young marriage, but I was nine okay. The point is I thought they were the perfect couple and I still didn’t get why they needed to be married right then.

And I remember them living in something of a crack den called “married housing.” Which I am pretty sure doesn’t exist.



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